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When to Use Fire Civil Service Law Mediation in Louisiana

Fire civil service law mediation in Louisiana is an alternative to contentious litigation in which two well-meaning parties become adversaries. Fire civil service law mediation in Louisiana can provide positive results in a number of situations, often resulting in time and money savings for both parties and a successful outcome that allows the employment relationship to continue well after the resolution of the case.

Mediation is sometimes used as a preliminary way to help parties negotiate. However, most fire civil service law mediation cases concern disputes that have already arisen. For example, mediation can be helpful in resolving cases in which communication between an employee and employer has broken down. Mediation may also be relied upon when disciplinary action has been taken against an employee who believes that it is unjustified. Even if the disciplinary action has already been taken, mediation may be necessary to help the parties re-align their interests.

Fire civil service law mediation can provide creative solutions outside those that are available through litigation. Oftentimes, money damages are not what are important to people. Firefighters may want to feel that their employers understand the risks and sacrifices that they make. If they have been treated unfairly, a sincere apology may help remedy the situation. Sometimes fire personnel and their employers may reach the mutual decision that the employment relationship should come to an end. However, the employer may be able to help ease this transition by writing a sincere recommendation letter that highlights the positive aspects of the employee’s character.

If you are going through a dispute with your civil service employer, you may want to consider using the services of someone who offers fire civil service law mediation.