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State Requirements on Professional Civil Mediation in Bossier City, Louisiana

When citizens find themselves in circumstances that call for the involvement of a professional mediator for resolution, they often look for information concerning the professional requirements for mediators and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals. This is a reasonable approach as it’s to everyone’s advantage that there be some form of professional oversight involved in the rating and review of civil mediators.

State vs. Professional Standards

In Louisiana, as in other states, there are two possible forms of standards applied to civil mediation in Bossier City, Louisiana: State government, and professional ranking and review. In Louisiana, there are no official state requirements for someone to call themselves a professional civil mediator. The only requirements for inclusion in the State’s register of those qualified for civil mediation in Bossier City, Louisiana are”

  • They must be licensed to practice law in any state for at least five years.
  • They must have completed 40 hours of training or have a combination of acceptable experience and training (or have served as a Louisiana district, appellate, or Supreme Court judge but no longer be an active jurist).
  • Engage in 10 hours of continuing education every two years.
  • They must accept two pro bono appointments every year.

There are specific requirements for acting as a mediator in cases involving child custody as well. These requirements mean, in a practical sense, that anyone who has passed the state bar and been in practice for five years can take a training course and act as a professional mediator in the state of Louisiana. Some are surprised to discover that this is actually not an unusual situation in the United States. Thus, professional ratings are always extremely important.