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Risks of Not Using Cooperative Family Law Mediation in Shreveport and Bossier City LA

When spouses or parents hear the word “mediation,” they may have an immediate adverse reaction. After all, cooperative family law mediation in Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana often targets divorcing couples or people already embroiled in heated debates. They may think that cooperative family law mediation in Shreveport or Bossier City Louisiana will not work for them when there is so much anger and bitterness.

While these feelings are understandable, not participating in cooperative family law mediation can impose certain risks. For example, litigation often results in expensive legal fees and costs. If the parties are able to resolve their conflict without having to go to the courtroom, they often able to resolve the matter quicker than waiting on a court date and save money in the process.

Cooperative family law mediation focuses on getting the parties to come to an agreement together. By doing so, the parties will be more likely to adhere to the agreement. Conversely, when a judge binds a person to an agreement, he or she may try to pursue further legal action to reverse the decision or may be resentful of the order and not abide by it.

Pursuing family law cases comes with certain inherent risks. By asking for the court’s help in resolving a legal issue, parties are turning their lives and legal interests over to a system that is bombarded with cases that lacks the necessary resources to fully understand all of the issues present in a case. Unintended consequences may arise, such as losing property in a divorce case or having less visitation ordered by the court. Consider discussing the possibility of cooperative family law mediation with your family law lawyer so that you are aware of the pros and cons of your situation.