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Am I Ready for Civil Mediation in Bossier City LA?

Mediation is a process that assists two parties in dispute to reach an agreement. The goal is to find mutually agreeable solutions through discussion and negotiation involving a neutral third party. If you find yourself in a civil dispute and you would like to avoid lengthy litigation, consider the option of civil mediation in Bossier City Louisiana.

If you are considering mediation in your case, here are a few tips to help ensure you are fully prepared.

Understand the process
Consult your attorney and make sure they lay out the entire process and what to expect when meeting with the other party and the mediator. Be clear about what the range of possibilities for outcomes include. Understand that your best possible outcome may not be in the range of possibilities and be prepared to modify your expectations based on information learned during the mediation process.

Be emotionally prepared
Generally, in mediation, neither side is there to admit fault or be found at fault—that’s left for the courtroom. In mediation, sabre rattling is actually counter-productive and not necessary to the outcome. In mediation, compassion and calmness go a long way and are encouraged and often necessary to get past the emotional toll the dispute is taking on both parties and so they can get down into the resolution building process.

Be prepared to participate
Mediation is unlike litigation in a lot of ways. In court, your attorney does most of the talking and presenting of evidence for you. Although attorneys will talk during mediation, you have the opportunity to talk and participate in the discussion, presentation of evidence, and solution finding.

Many parties that find themselves in dispute would like to avoid the cost and emotional toll of a long court battle. If mediation is a possibility in your case, get a qualified mediation attorney in Bossier City, Louisiana to help you resolve your case.