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How to Prepare For a HIPAA Audit

Hospitals, physicians, and other individuals associated with medical records must be aware of the importance of compliance with state and federal regulations. Healthcare organizations in Louisiana may be subject to a HIPAA audit to verify compliance. It’s a good idea to work with a healthcare lawyer for a compliance review whether or not you have been contacted about an audit. An experienced Louisiana healthcare attorney can help ensure your compliance and prepare you for what to expect in a HIPAA audit.

One of the most important ways that you can be prepared for an audit is by knowing the weaknesses of your system and program in advance. A risk review can help determine places where you can improve to tighten compliance with regulations. It can help to have a fresh pair of eyes evaluating your office. Contact a Louisiana healthcare lawyer for services to help you prevent an audit or prepare for one. Many times, small details that have been missed by office personnel but are caught by an outside party can dramatically increase your level of compliance and prevent an audit.

Organization is another critical component of audit preparation. If your documentation is already organized and prepared, you can prevent an on-site investigation. If your paperwork looks disorganized, the auditors are more likely to assume that an on-site investigation is necessary for compliance verification.

Finally, conduct analysis for compliance verification over three-year periods. This helps you track data on an organizational level, but it also shows your routine evaluations of compliance and regulations. Keep notes and details about calendar days related to these efforts. Preparing for a HIPAA audit is not as stressful as you might think if you are prepared, knowledgeable, and have contracted with an outside party for review of operations.