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Do I Need a Character Witness For My Child Custody Case?

If your Shreveport child custody case ends up in court, you are likely very emotionally committed to the outcome.  As a parent, you want what’s best for your children but you also want to be able to connect with them and continue the positive bond you have already build with them.  That’s why it can be tempting to get together a list of character witnesses to testify on your behalf.

In some cases, a character witness can be especially helpful, like if you’re a parent to a child who has special medical needs.  Teachers, too, can be valuable sources to provide insight about the children and discuss behaviors.

A judge is most likely interested in the day to day details of your life with the child, so it’s not really valuable if the character witness plans to describe all of your other positive attributes.  A judge will most likely want to hear about how you interact with the child, how you discuss the other parent in front of your children, and how you discipline your child.  That’s why if you’re going to use character witnesses, you should select people who can talk specifically about your interactions with your child.

It can be really tempting to put together a great case about what a good person you are in general, but remember that the judge in your Shreveport child custody case is primarily concerned with the best interests of the child.  To the extent that character witnesses can illustrate the role you presently play as a parent, they can help to reinforce your own statements.