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How to Handle A Legal Dispute As A Public Employee

Although there are many rules and regulations governing private employee and employer relationships, the law is very complex and specific when you are a public employee or a civil service employee. Although all employees who work for a state or local government are public employees, not all public employees are civil service employees. Your rights and the method of enforcing your rights are different depending on whether you are a civil service employee.

As a public employee like a firefighter or police officer, you are carrying out an important public service that requires you to be adaptable and professional in the workplace. As a result of the important role you play, it’s possible for public employees to be accused of making mistakes in their job. If this has happened to you, you need to consult with a Louisiana civil service lawyer. You need specialized legal representation so that you are completely clear of your rights and responsibilities as a public servant.

There are many protections under Louisiana law when it comes to public employees, but they are often included in thick documents and dense materials that are confusing to even police officers and firefighters. There are different Louisiana statutes, Louisiana Constitution articles, and local laws applicable to civil service employees depending on whether you are a municipal police officer, state police officer, firefighter, state employee, or municipal employee in a city that operates under civil service. That’s why personalized legal representation can help you make sense of these materials and understand how the law sees the allegations against you and your rights when you are accused of a mistake.

When you are engaged in a civil service dispute, you need someone who is going to fight for your rights and protect your interests, regardless of the next stage in your case. You need to schedule a consultation with a Louisiana civil service lawyer to walk through the basics of your case. During this meeting, be sure to ask questions about the background of the attorney and his or her direct experience in handling civil service cases in the past. Experience and talent can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case, so it’s in your best interest to do your attorney research soon.