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The Dos and Don’ts of Cooperative Family Mediation in Bossier City LA

Family law disputes are among the most difficult and emotional cases individuals may encounter, particularly where issues of custody and visitation are involved. In these cases, each parent wants as much time as possible with their children, but may find it difficult to reach an agreement on these sensitive issues. Cooperative family mediation in Bossier City Louisiana provides a way for these parties to resolve their disagreements without a courtroom battle. If you are considering cooperative family mediation in Bossier County Louisiana, keep the following tips in mind as you approach your session.

Do remain flexible throughout mediation. After all, it is called cooperative family mediation. Mediation allows the parties the freedom to create their own settlement agreement, and there is always more than one way to settle a case. Be flexible in considering suggestions and proposals during mediation.

Do prepare well for mediation. If you have any items that back up your claims, you may bring them with you to mediation. Common items that individuals bring are text messages, emails, Facebook posts, letters, and photographs.

Do tell the mediator your goals for the case. The mediator will work with you to incorporate as many of these goals into a settlement agreement as possible.

Don’t allow your emotions to hinder progress in mediation. This may seem easier said than done, but remember to put your children’s interests first as you create a custody and visitation schedule with the other party.

Don’t invite others to mediation. This case is between the parents, and only the parents should make such important decisions for their children. Bringing a friend or family member to mediation often slows progress, as these individuals may have their own opinions about how the case should be handled. Although you may be nervous, it is best to attend alone.