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Is Divorce Mediation Faster or Cheaper Than Litigation?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that litigation is their only solution for ending a marriage in Bossier City. Although litigation is still a rather popular avenue for dissolving marriages, alternative forms of dispute resolution like mediation are being explored by couples throughout Louisiana. While there are many benefits to mediation, some of the most common questions regarding its advantages have to do with the time and cost investment compared to litigation.

Many attorneys charge between $2,000 and $5,000 in retainer fees for a typical Bossier City divorce. In more complex cases, the retainer fee can be even higher. Opting to work with a mediator paid hourly can reap significant savings for both parties to a divorce. Mediators are trained and effective communication skills to help couples work together and address issues quickly and effectively. This tends to result in divorce cases being resolved much more quickly in mediation as opposed to litigation.

There is also another cost to consider when it comes to your Bossier City divorce: emotional investment and trauma. There are emotional costs associated with getting a divorce. Litigation tends to highlight tension in a relationship and can encourage parties to be adversarial. This can have serious emotional fallout for spouses as well as children. The emotional costs of mediation, however, tend to be much less because couples are actually encouraged to work together and generate solutions that fit their family best.

Since mediation can be scheduled at the convenience of the mediator and the parties to the divorce, your meetings can be organized much more quickly. When you are working with an experienced mediator, you may only need one or a few meetings to address critical issues. Divorce mediation offers benefits in terms of time, money and emotions.