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Disputes Involving Estate Law in Bossier City

Disputes that involve estate law in Bossier City are among some of the most emotional disputes individuals may face. Estate law in Bossier City includes a number of issues, such as how an estate should be administered and how a will should be interpreted. Unfortunately, these disagreements typically occur between family members, and are usually highly emotional and stressful. Therefore, it is wise to hire an attorney who specializes in estate law in Bossier City to help families resolve these disputes with as little hostility as possible.

Consider the following scenario: a man dies intestate, which means without a will. Numerous family members step forward after his passing and try to claim various parts of the estate. Who will receive his house? What about his car? What happens to the debts he left behind? In this example, the man’s estate will be distributed according to Louisiana’s intestacy laws. Under these laws, when an individual dies without a will, certain family members have priority to the estate over others. An estate law attorney will help the family figure out how the property should be distributed.

What happens in the opposite situation—if an individual leaves more than one will behind? Again, an estate law attorney will explain applicable Louisiana laws to the family, and help them understand which law is likely applicable to the estate. Of course, if some family members disagree with the attorney, they may have to argue over the wills in court. However, having an estate lawyer present to argue on behalf of family members is an astute decision, since the family members are inexperienced in the law and grieving the loss of a loved one, which may cloud their judgment.

When a relative passes, one should hire an estate attorney to ensure the estate is handled properly.