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Have You Considered Fire Civil Service Law Mediation in Lafayette LA?

Firefighters are valiant civil servants who put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of their community. While some may perceive them as heroes, just like everyone else, firefighters are vulnerable to problems related to their employment as well. Fire civil service law mediation in Lafayette Louisiana is available to firefighters involved in a dispute with their government employer. Regardless of whether firefighters has been terminated, suspended or disciplined without good cause, fire civil service law mediation in Lafayette Louisiana can be more effective in resolving the dispute than a protracted and costly lawsuit.

Louisiana civil service law is applicable to firefighters, providing additional procedural and substantive protections in their employment. Civil service and labor laws were designed to protect employees from a wide variety of employer misconduct. However, there are sometimes circumstances where a firefighter has been wrongfully terminated or otherwise treated unfairly according to civil service law. Legal representation is usually needed and strongly recommended if a firefighter is seeking to appeal an employment decision to a civil service board or court.

However, in many instances, mediation can be a better option. Louisiana fire civil service law mediation is a quicker and less expensive alternative to contentious litigation. Mediation can even be helpful in circumstances where disciplinary action has been taken. When it comes to one’s place of employment, maintaining good working relationships is a high priority. Lawsuits are adversarial by their very nature, and consequently do not tend to promote cooperative relationships between disputing parties.

Mediation, on the other hand, helps to preserve relationships by encouraging productive communication between the parties, helping them negotiate a mutually agreeable compromised settlement on their own terms.

Regardless of the nature of your employment dispute, fire civil service law mediation is a low-cost alternative dispute resolution procedure that can help you reach a satisfactory resolution to your employment problem.