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Choosing a Civil Mediator in Louisiana

A civil mediator in Louisiana helps parties resolve civil disputes. As opposed to criminal cases, civil disputes involve monetary damages. Common examples include personal injury cases, business disagreements, and employment disputes. Regardless of the facts of the case, a civil mediator in Louisiana can help the parties explore various solutions to their case and create a resolution. However, how do you choose the right civil mediator?

First, you should ask your lawyer about mediators he or she has used in the past. You can also look up mediators in your area. Many mediators have websites that will allow you to check out their practice areas. Make sure that civil disputes or civil litigation is listed on these websites.

You or your lawyer should ask the mediators how payment is handled. Will you be expected to pay the cost up front, or will it be billed to you? Will you split the fee with the opposing party? Does the mediator offer a sliding scale of fees if you have low income? These questions will help you prepare for your session so that during mediation, you can focus on settling the case.