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The Benefits of Cooperative Family Mediation in Bossier City LA

Divorce is on the top of the list of one of life’s most stressful experiences. Relentless conflicts, blaming each other, and arguing during a marriage can carry over into divorce proceedings. This vicious cycle of hostility and resentment only makes an already difficult situation unbearable, and usually results in protracted and costly litigation. However, by participating in cooperative family mediation in Bossier City Louisiana, divorcing couples can reduce the bitterness, expense and time involved in ending their marriage. Cooperative family mediation in Bossier City Louisiana is the best alternative dispute resolution method for couples seeking a better way to finalize their divorce. [Read more…]

Does a Family Mediator Have to Be a Lawyer?

A family mediator is often a lawyer that specializes in settling legal disputes in a neutral manner. Although, a family mediator does not necessarily have to be a lawyer in Louisiana, they must undergo special training so they understand the applicable family laws, the procedures in family law litigation, and the downsides of litigation and costs associated with it. In Louisiana, lawyers who also serve as mediators in family law cases generally have more experience and understanding of the ramifications that result from issues decided in mediation and litigation process when matters are not resolved. [Read more…]

Moving People from Positions to Solutions

In any sort of dispute, the mantra that mediation is faster, cheaper and less emotionally exhausting than litigation can give the impression that simply by choosing to enter mediation with the other party, you have practically solved the problem. This is reinforced by many mediation professionals who simply list the benefits of mediation over and over again without going into detail concerning the actual work and commitment that the process requires in order to be successful. [Read more…]