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What Financial Aspects of My Divorce Will a Family Lawyer Help with?

Family law in North Louisiana involves a broad range of complicated legal principles.  One of the most common issue people seek assistance from a family lawyer in North Louisiana is to file for divorce.  However, there are many financial issues caused or exacerbated by divorce.  It is important to understand the financial factors that will influence you during and after the divorce. [Read more…]

Is Divorce Mediation Faster or Cheaper Than Litigation?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that litigation is their only solution for ending a marriage in Bossier City. Although litigation is still a rather popular avenue for dissolving marriages, alternative forms of dispute resolution like mediation are being explored by couples throughout Louisiana. While there are many benefits to mediation, some of the most common questions regarding its advantages have to do with the time and cost investment compared to litigation. [Read more…]

Divorce Guidelines and Family Law in North Louisiana

Divorce in Louisiana is relatively easy unless you are one of the very few people who have opted for a covenant marriage. A covenant marriage is a unique form of marriage that only three states in the country – Louisiana, Arkansas and Arizona– have adopted. Spouse in a covenant marriage agree to pre-marriage classes and counseling and also legally forfeit many of the grounds normally accepted for divorce. However, in Louisiana only about 1% of all marriages qualify as covenant marriages. [Read more…]