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Can I Speak to the Mediator Privately in Civil Mediation?

There are a broad range of issues that might lead you to consider civil mediation in Bossier City.  In many circumstances, civil mediation can allow you to resolve disputes more effectively in less time.  However,  you need to know what to expect in order to feel confident about choosing this option.  Although there is a somewhat formal structure to civil mediation in Bossier City, there is also a great deal of flexibility that allows you to align it with your particular needs.

In the opening civil mediation session in Bossier City, you and the other party and your counsel meet with the mediator to discuss your positions in the dispute.  The opening session can last a short time period or a long period depending on the issues.  Generally, not all issues can be resolved in the joint opening session, so the mediator will separate the parties into separate rooms and shuttle back and forth between the rooms to help you work towards a final resolution.  This is known as a caucus.

During the caucus, you and your attorney are allowed to speak to the mediator in private.  The mediator will then talk to the other party and their lawyer.  Sometimes, the mediator may speak to just your lawyer or to just you.  Caucusing tends to work well for disputing parties who want to resolve their issues outside of court as it allows each party to discuss the options and vent the emotions without creating a distraction or block to settlement.