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Can I Bring Others With Me to Civil Mediation?

If you’re attempting to resolve your conflict using civil mediation in Shreveport, you likely have questions about how the process will unfold once you show up for the first meeting.  Since mediation is not as strict as litigation, you may be wondering if it’s okay to bring other individuals with you to the mediation sessions.  While the mediation sessions are usually attended by the parties and the mediator, this doesn’t always turn out to be the case.  Many mediators will allow other relevant parties to attend a mediation if it will help resolve a case and the other side does not object.

Family members involved directly in the dispute or interpreters may attend and take an active role in your Shreveport civil mediation, as well as any other party directly linked to the dispute at hand.  If you want another person to attend and support you through the mediation process, you or your lawyer need to advise the mediator so that it can be agreed upon prior to starting the mediation.   More often than not, people on both sides of the conflict will agree on the list of individuals allowed in the mediation session, including observers.

Sometimes outside parties can contribute to distractions or make it more difficult to work together towards resolution, so you should think carefully about whether bringing another party is in your best interest.   Because of the potential for distraction from the process or the objection of one of the parties which could interfere with the resolution process, most mediators require an agreement no who may be present at the mediation prior to it beginning.  This also helps maintain the privacy of the mediation.