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Should My Appellate Lawyer Be A Separate Attorney?

When you’ve already gone through trial and been unsuccessful for one reason or another, it’s not easy to determine whether you want to appeal and, if so, whether you want to the same legal counsel or a fresh start. Even when you have won at the trial, the opposing party may appeal which requires you to have counsel to fight for the judgment to be affirmed. While your existing attorney likely is very knowledgeable about your case and has all the details already, there are vast differences in trial skills and drafting persuasive appeal briefs. There are many cases where it’s in your best interests to retain a new or additional Louisiana lawyer for your appellate case.

For attorneys, the details can mean everything to the outcome of a case. Especially when it comes to the appeals level, a thorough review of all the details is essential for understanding your grounds for appeal and how the case will move forward. Although your original attorney may have been a great trial attorney, a fresh pair of eyes may spot a specific detail or circumstance that can impact the course of your case. This new look is often essential in a case. Sometimes new appeal counsel and your trial counsel work together on the appeal.

Louisiana appellate law also draws upon the unique talents of an attorney who can represent you to the best of their ability. Appeals are not simply a second round of trials. In fact, they require their own skill sets and abilities of the attorney. The procedural elements of an appellate case alone demonstrate the importance of working with an attorney who can help you navigate through this next stage. Knowledge, confidence, writing abilities, and the all-important focus on details in the record can really make or break an appellate case. When your case is being appealed, it is important to consider all options