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The Advantages of Using Civil Mediation in Bossier City LA

Civil mediation in Bossier City Louisiana is a useful alternative dispute resolution procedure for resolving legal claims related to business, employment, real estate transactions, contracts, wills, powers of attorney, trusts, probate, torts and negligence. Basically, any dispute that needs to be resolved can be resolved outside of the court room in less time and with less expense than a civil lawsuit if disputing parties agree to participate in mediation. Contact a local mediator for a consultation to find out if civil mediation in Bossier City Louisiana is right for you.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential out-of-court method of resolving disputes with the assistance of a trained facilitator called a mediator. While each individual mediator has a different mediation style, it is not the role of a mediator to impose a decision upon the mediating parties. Rather, the mediator aids the parties in reaching their own agreement.

Civil mediation offers clear advantages over litigation. The most popular benefit of civil mediation is that it tends to be less expensive than a lawsuit, since pre-litigation mediation does not require the mediating parties to pay court costs or incur extensive attorney fees for discovery and trial. Additionally, the disputing parties typically split the costs of mediation, which reduces expenses even further.

Parties participating in civil mediation can also find a resolution to their dispute more quickly than if they decided to go to court. A mediated settlement agreement is often reached in just a few mediation sessions over the course of days or weeks, as opposed to months or years, as is often the case with a typical lawsuit. So before you invest your money and time in a costly and protracted lawsuit, you may want to consider civil mediation as a better alternative for resolving your civil dispute.