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Archives for June 2015

Setting Ground Rules for Family Mediation in Louisiana: Top Tips

Divorce is never easy and when you add to the stress the trauma of disagreeing on what is best for any minors involved, the process can take its toll on all involved. That’s where mediation can come in—if there is a chance you and the opposing party can reach an agreement, consider letting a third party mediator assist you. [Read more…]

What Kind of Negotiation Skills Should a Family Mediator in Louisiana Have?

Mediation is the intervention in a dispute by a neutral third party who works with both sides to reach the most beneficial outcome for all parties involved. It’s a straight-forward process that can minimize pain and drama of courtroom litigation, but it takes a special type of person to be a successful mediator. [Read more…]

Three Tips for Setting Up a Trust Under Estate Law in Louisiana

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a trustee to control assets on behalf of named beneficiaries. The benefit of trusts is that the holder of a trust can express exactly how and when assets pass to beneficiaries or limit the use of the funds to particular expenses. [Read more…]

How is a Civil Mediator in Louisiana Different From a Judge?

Litigation is the resolving of a case inside a courtroom and letting a judge or a jury makes the final decision for both parties. It can be a lengthy, often expensive process that spans for months or years for discovery and obtaining trial dates that coordinate with schedules of the parties, lawyers, and judge. In a Judge trial in court, the judge makes the final decision on all issues and the judge’s decision is binding on all parties unless appealed and overturned by other judges. [Read more…]