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Archives for May 2015

Framing Your Mindset for Your First Family Mediation Session

The good thing about having a mediation session with or about your family is knowing that this is the best way to handle a situation in a considerate and productive manner. You and your family will discussing the problems and issues with the mediator and the mediator will help you find the best “middle” that satisfies the entire family. Family mediation in Louisiana is a great place to start to begin your resolution. Here are some things to help you frame your mindset during your mediation. [Read more…]

Does a Family Mediator Have to Be a Lawyer?

A family mediator is often a lawyer that specializes in settling legal disputes in a neutral manner. Although, a family mediator does not necessarily have to be a lawyer in Louisiana, they must undergo special training so they understand the applicable family laws, the procedures in family law litigation, and the downsides of litigation and costs associated with it. In Louisiana, lawyers who also serve as mediators in family law cases generally have more experience and understanding of the ramifications that result from issues decided in mediation and litigation process when matters are not resolved. [Read more…]

Succession and Estate Law Disputes Related to Fiduciary Duty

In Louisiana, succession representatives are appointed by the courts to help administer and settle the succession or estate property. Executors are named by the decedent in a will and administrators are appointed by the court when there is no will. All succession representatives have fiduciary duties to the estate and the heirs and beneficiaries of the estate. Executors and Administrators are required to collect, preserve, and manage the property of the succession and estate; pay the debts of the estate; prepare an accounting of the succession property; and distribute property to the heirs or legatees. [Read more…]

Hiring a Civil Mediator to Handle Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Hiring a civil mediator to handle your landlord/tenant disputes may be the best choice just because it will settle your argument in a civil manner with as little involvement with authorities as possible. A mediator is like the “middle man” during an argument that brings down the level of intensity in terms of being reasonable for both parties. What is also great about a civil mediator is that both parties can save money instead of taking it to trial. [Read more…]