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Archives for April 2015

Keeping a Family Law Issue From Escalating

While no one wants to be part of a family law conflict in Louisiana, they do happen from time to time. Knowing how to handle these challenges can keep emotions from running out of control as well as minimizing the costs and effort you have to spend in order to resolve the issue. To the extent that you can, try to keep the conflict from going any further. [Read more…]

Family Mediation vs. Litigation: Repairing Relationships

Family law is full of its own unique challenges because the parties likely already know one another well and in many cases desire to repair a relationship or at least have some kind of communication in the future. Even if the case at hand involves something like child custody, two disputing parties may want to come together for the best interests of the children. [Read more…]

Benefits of Healthcare Law Representation

Some healthcare facilities only reach out to an attorney after some kind of issue has emerged. Usually, these issues are problems that expose the facility or the employees in that facility to risk, such as a liability case or an upcoming audit. While a Louisiana healthcare lawyer can definitely be of help in these kinds of situations, there’s also a benefit to developing a long term relationship with someone who knows the landscape and the way you do business. [Read more…]

The Basics Behind Louisiana’s Forced Heirship Estate Planning Law

In the state of Louisiana, a forced heir can be entitled to part of a decedent’s estate. A Louisiana forced heir could include a child who is under the age of 24 at the time the decedent passes away, a decedent’s child who is permanently incapacitated regardless of the child’s age, or the grandchildren of the decedent if the parent passed away prior to the decedent and that parent would have been younger than 24 at the time the decedent died or if the grandchild is permanently incapacitated. [Read more…]