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Do I Really Need a Municipal Law Specialist?

When you are elected to serve or simply work for a utilities municipal service, a Louisiana parish, a municipality, or a related government entity, you wonder when it is necessary to undergo the expense of having legal counsel and what type of lawyer should be hired. There are many reasons why it’s in best interest of you and your governmental entity to have a municipal law specialist review actions early, so it’s not something you should overlook or underestimate.

Municipal law encompasses wide range of situations that can result in large unbudgeted expenses if not done correctly. These issues include properly adopting annual budgets; public records law; open meetings requirements; land use regulation by the municipality and its citizens; employee rights and regulations; litigation; franchise contracts; utilities; and enacting and amending ordinances and resolutions. [Read more…]

How to Handle A Legal Dispute As A Public Employee

Although there are many rules and regulations governing private employee and employer relationships, the law is very complex and specific when you are a public employee or a civil service employee. Although all employees who work for a state or local government are public employees, not all public employees are civil service employees. Your rights and the method of enforcing your rights are different depending on whether you are a civil service employee.

As a public employee like a firefighter or police officer, you are carrying out an important public service that requires you to be adaptable and professional in the workplace. As a result of the important role you play, it’s possible for public employees to be accused of making mistakes in their job. [Read more…]

When Should I Hire A Child Custody Attorney?

Are you and your spouse separated in Louisiana or preparing for divorce? There are many questions you will need to answer in light of an impending separation or divorce, but be sure to factor in your children early in the process.

It’s always in a parent’s best interests to consult with a Louisiana child custody lawyer as soon as possible because it can help to illuminate facts about how the court process works, mediation options for custody and divorce issues, and important next steps for a parent facing divorce. The more you know and the sooner you know it, the better. When a relationship between parents is terminating, one of the most difficult concerns to address is how the children will be cared for and supervised. This emotionally-charged battle can bring out the worst in parents, so don’t add to your anxiety by waiting too long to contact an attorney. [Read more…]

Should My Appellate Lawyer Be A Separate Attorney?

When you’ve already gone through trial and been unsuccessful for one reason or another, it’s not easy to determine whether you want to appeal and, if so, whether you want to the same legal counsel or a fresh start. Even when you have won at the trial, the opposing party may appeal which requires you to have counsel to fight for the judgment to be affirmed. While your existing attorney likely is very knowledgeable about your case and has all the details already, there are vast differences in trial skills and drafting persuasive appeal briefs. There are many cases where it’s in your best interests to retain a new or additional Louisiana lawyer for your appellate case.

For attorneys, the details can mean everything to the outcome of a case. [Read more…]