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Archives for October 2014

The Importance of Swift Action in Succession and Estate Law in Louisiana

Death is often traumatic for the survivors, and there is a natural disinclination to attend to business in the days and even weeks after a loved one has passed away. While this delay can convey respect and affection, it is often a bad idea from a legal point of view, especially if survivors will be dealing with succession and estate law in Louisiana going forward. [Read more…]

Categories of Healthcare Law in Bossier City, Louisiana

The law is designed to define and guide the interactions of citizens in a wide variety of circumstances, from doing business to transacting property to caring for each other when we are ill or injured. The healthcare law in Bossier City, Louisiana has evolved alongside the law in the rest of the state to cover a wide variety of circumstances. [Read more…]

Divorce Guidelines and Family Law in North Louisiana

Divorce in Louisiana is relatively easy unless you are one of the very few people who have opted for a covenant marriage. A covenant marriage is a unique form of marriage that only three states in the country – Louisiana, Arkansas and Arizona– have adopted. Spouse in a covenant marriage agree to pre-marriage classes and counseling and also legally forfeit many of the grounds normally accepted for divorce. However, in Louisiana only about 1% of all marriages qualify as covenant marriages. [Read more…]

State Requirements on Professional Civil Mediation in Bossier City, Louisiana

When citizens find themselves in circumstances that call for the involvement of a professional mediator for resolution, they often look for information concerning the professional requirements for mediators and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals. This is a reasonable approach as it’s to everyone’s advantage that there be some form of professional oversight involved in the rating and review of civil mediators. [Read more…]